Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does the course last?

There is no one fixed in time course. We have prepared authorship materials divided by chapters but they are not equal to lessons. Our philosophy is to deliver lessons adjusted individually to group performance. According to possibility we will create groups with people that have similar knowledge of Polish language Pace of education depends upon group performance and remains under a tutor decision - if the tutor get a group which knows some parts of material like numbers or greetings, may just skip first lessons or just do a fast revision to correct the mistakes, but usually the alphabet is necessary due to mostly improper pronunciation.

2) Why are there only A0 lessons?

We base on our authorship materials, and so far we have prepared chapters for A0 lessons only. We prepare the next chapters, so A1 lessons will start not later than the first group will speak A1 level. In our view now on the market there are not enough A1 Polish speakers, who may be interested in Polish courses to start with that now. A0 lessons and our philosophy is proper also regarding self-educated people. If a tutor get a group which knows some parts of material like numbers or greetings, may just skip first lessons or just do fast revision to correct the mistakes, but usually the alphabet is necessary due to mostly improper pronunciation.

3) How much time do I need to be an A1 speaker?

According to FSI Polish language is in Category III. There are four categories and Polish language is included to: “Hard languages” – Languages with significant linguistic and/or cultural differences from English. This list is not exhaustive.To achieve the level close to proficiency you need approximately (1100 class hours)

Polish language is more difficult to learn starting with pronunciation, complex gender system or seven cases and the complexity of grammar. The learning process and its length depends on many factors: are you surrounded by Polish language, do you have any contact with Polish people, do you regularly follow your course, how often do you have classes, do you prepare yourself for the classes and repeat afterwards. It depends also on your self-motivation, the more time you spend learning (not only on classes), the more likely you will achieve your dream level.

4) Will I have access to materials from the lessons? Do I need books?

We provide you with an electronic textbook (e-textbook), which is convenient and easy to use. The e-textbook is divided into chapters. The teachers also will use the e-textbook during the lessons. As our user, after log-in you will gain access to the e-textbook. We will give you access to each chapter of the e-textbook gradually as the course progresses, so you can revise the lessons. Moreover, the e- textbook is included in the price of the course What is more, in the future we will also present a special programme (on PCs and mobile phones) which help you to refresh your knowledge (mostly from vocabulary).

5) What is the language of the lessons?

The basic language of the explanation is English. (in the future we plan to add other languages). To follow the course you should have pre-intermediate knowledge of the English language. You should be able to communicate in English and know the basic vocabulary (names of food, colours, months, body parts, etc)

6) How do I connect for the lesson?

Our choice for the lesson, which provides the best quality is Skype. In order to participate in the lesson you must have a Skype device. It allows you to connect with the teacher (or other participants if you have chosen group lessons), and give you access to e-textbook during the lesson. Skype is a free, safe and convenient way of having lessons with our teachers.

The device should meet the Skype standards:

For Computer:

Skype offers support for 32 and 64-bit operating systems for Windows XP, Vista and 7. A computer utilizing Skype must have at least a 1 GHz processor and 256MB of RAM installed. Skype also requires additional software of DirectX v9. 0 or higher.

For Android:

VERSION - Android OS 4.0.4 or higher (Phones and tablets) OR ChromeOS version M53 or higher (Chromebooks)
HARDWARE - Varies with manufacturer - see Note
FREE SPACE - At least 32 MB

Note: Skype is fully supported on devices with ARMv7 processors (or processors capable of running its instruction set). Skype can run on devices with ARMv6 processors, but video calling is not supported. Examples of ARMv6 processor devices: Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Wildfire. If you're not sure what type of processor your device has, check the device's user manual or contact its manufacturer.

For iOS:

VERSION - Skype on iPhone and iPad requires iOS 10 or higher

Note: iPhone and iPad users with iOS 9 will not be able to update higher than Skype version